Sunday, April 25, 2010

my owlette

i mis him when hes sleeping at night .......

this is totally my new favorite thing ever , i need all of them for oliver asap .... the bjork one is amazing and i highly recommend listening to several of the other ones

this is what happens when i leave gabba on the tv behind me when im trying to get my son to do a photoshoot .....=/
so i was trying to think of more things to blog about , so i decided to post about my never ending battle with my sons are a few pics of the decals i recently put up in his room ,
his room has become an obsessive thing for me i also just re did the window treatments and bought a multicolored playmatt , (which is a dream come true)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The White House

ok so first things first this is me and my husband cory on our wedding day chances are if you didnt already  know that you wouldnt be reading this blog in the first place. 

this little dream boat is my 8 month old son oliver he is totally amazing and my favorite thing in the entire world. i have know idea what i will blog about but i promised Nat i would make one .... so ready or not here we go.......