Friday, December 3, 2010

so tired

sooo .... i know im ignoring my blog , im a terrible blogger and i am fully aware of it . things have been super crazed im working 3 jobs , getting ready to move to a new house , being a full time mommy and going on a big family vaca to NY , ps im doing all of this in the next 10 days . im the queen of overloading my own plate ..... oh and i guess i forgot about christmas prep in all of this . blah ..... oliver is great huge he is a giant talking , running , kicking , screaming , punching , snuggling , kiss giving baby . and i love every inch of him . hubs is doing ok .... the sarcoidosis is back which sucks but he is staying close to home for awhile which i love . other then that i got nothing to report , oh thats a lie !!! im starting weight watchers again sooo , look for new belly blog posts !! weee .... here are some new pics of the bean ! xoxoxo