Friday, July 30, 2010

week three

i have a busy weekend so im posing pic on friday instead of sunday ...... doesnt seem to be to much difference this week , i think my bidy is changing for sure , but the scale number seems to be stuck at around 152 . which is still down 10 pounds from where i started 3 weeks ago . this weekend Oliver goes to grandmas so the big challenge is going to be not drinking while out and but with the girls . lots of empty calories . here are last weeks pics

and here are todays

im for sure not use to having hips which i think is making me feel even bigger. im trying to find a pre baby belly pic to post in one of these . anyway hope everyone has a great weekend

Thursday, July 29, 2010


dieting is making me supper cranky . i HATE working out , i want instant results , and i love cupcakes ....... needless to say this is very hard for me . ive been at kinda a stand still at the weight lose , not gaining not really losing , which is frustrating because i eat SOOOO healthy and work out constantly . maybe im getting buff ! i wish i had a workout buddy with better modivation then myself . in other news Oliver is gonna be a year old in 2 weeks , and its flooding me with all sorts of mixed emotions . im excited about him growing into his own person and telling me his thoughts on life and music , and cartoons hahah . but at the same time i love him needing me for everything , and wanting to snuggle with his old lame mom . i dont want that to change . and lets face it all kids go through a stage where their parents arent cool . =( makes me sad t think about . his bday plans are going really really well , im getting a giant sugar free cupcake made for him , since everyone insists that he be able to eat cake on his bday . and i got these fantastic animal parade carousel centerpieces as well as a cup cake carousel we also bought plates and napkins and other decorations from this same company they are called meri meri and are super fancy . ill take lots of pics . it should be really fun !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

belly blog 2!!!

ok this week was alittle harder on the diet frount still doing well down 4 more pounds to 154 , hopfully this time next week i will hit the 140's fingers crossed
here are last weeks pics

and here i am this morning with this weeks pics !!!

this is a slow process and my tummy tattoo is so depressed about the condition of my tummy skin , but i hear it gets better !!!! till next week !!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snack tips

ok so here are some amazing snacks to much on if you are like me and trying to lose the terrible stubborn baby weight

Avocado with salsa (as a dip or on whole wheat crackers)
Almonds or walnuts with apricots (good fat and fiber)
Peanut butter (1 tablespoon) on apple, or celery
Low fat mini-bags of microwave popcorn
Jicama (it tastes like a cross between apple/waterchestnut)
Watermelon (very healthy)
Fruit with 1 oz cheese
Low fat Weight Watchers String cheese
Fiber one yogurt - with almosts any fruit and almonds (then you'll have dairy, fruit, protein and healthy fat)
Fiber one oats/almond/chocolate bar

im totally about to eat avocados and salsa , which by the way was my one and only craving when i was pregnant

belly blog !!!

ok im doing something i never thought i would do strictly because of vanity and always being a thinner girl .... which after child birth i am not this is a picture of my tummy 2 days before delivery i was over 200 lbs and my starting weight was 130 im about 5'5 ......
this next picture is 10 days post baby i let the hospital at 180 , checked in at 215 i had a massive amount of water weight since i was on part time bed rest because of 2 cracked ribs ! oliver was a huge baby and i am very short waisted
next is a pic i took about 2 months ago boobs are still huge from breast feeding and the weight is just not moving im probably 170 here
as some of you may know i started a diet pool last week 20 bucks to buy in winner takes all there are about 15 of us in it and im super modivated started at 162.6 last sunday and this sunday im 158.2!!! my goal is 4 pounds a week for 8 weeks 32 pounds total . having a baby has ton a lot of damage to my body , delivery itself had me in bed for almost 2 months because of massive abdominal tissue taring and of course my 26 stitches ugh ..... here is a picture from today ... getting smaller . cant wait to be back to normal

Saturday, July 17, 2010

operation be a babe aka lose this baby weight is in full swing . week one 4 pounds down and im feeling fantastic . this is an 8 week venture to lose weight , tone up and be back to babhood by october ! im feeling really positive about it . ive been eating well and working out , keeping the calories down . what are some tricks you other mommies have done to shed some of the unwanted pounds ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


i think it is so fun to watch Olivers personality come out , seeing him find things funny , just cause he does not because we are laughing at it first , or foods that he doesnt like . toys and people he enjoys . the greatest one of these is what i really believe is his very first friend . a musical giraffe he has had since he was born . when he was a little baby he needed it to sleep , now not only does he carry it everywhere with him (by the ear) but i catch him sitting up in his crib staring the giraffe right in the face and talking to him . its really very sweet . its his ultimate comfort and bestest friend , hes Sir. Giraffington

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

little water bug

he seriously could live in the water ! i think its where he is his happiest . we had a super great day swimming with friends , working on walking , clapping , and waving big day !! and little man is exhausted

Friday, July 2, 2010

late spring cleaning

cleaning is great , i love when my cluttered house feels less chaotic , im thinking of redecorating my bedroom , here are some photos , of my tiny room as well as my new harlequin girl paintings , they are the 3 newest in a set of about 20 or so that i own and love . also i am in the progress of starting a photo wall for olivers run . i took the art from a book called the little hoot , as well as about 10 vintage frames i plan to spray paint white and hang them to tell a story . its the sweetest book ever about a baby owl that wants to go to bed early like his friends , but has to stay up all night long cause hes an owl ! love it