Friday, August 20, 2010


my son had his 1 year check up . which was terrible , the shots make me and him miserable . then we found out that he needs to start seeing an occupational therapist , which is heart breaking i feel like a total failure . his doctor said its nothing that we did wrong , he is just alittle behind in his eating habits , and some motor skills . but he is advanced in language . its so hard to not feel like i missed something . i mean hes only a year old, how can they say he is behind in anything , hes so new . i thought taking our time introducing solids was a positive thing , i never in a million years thought that it was cause some kind of delay . and again the doctor said it didnt that its more likely that he choked , or swallowed something that skratched his throat and now he is nervous about swallowing anything that isnt mushy . we are going to run a swallowing test with the OP in a week or so .... im depressed

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