Saturday, May 29, 2010

My wedding

so since danielle featured photos of my wedding i figured i would post a few here . we had a very small budget the wedding was to stay under 10,000 , and we had about 100 guest to invite and provide dinner , drinks and cake. it felt totally impossible to pull off a quality wedding on that budget . this is where the actual wedding took place . it was built in the 1800's by a french imagrant who built it as a castle for his wife who was to meet him here . she unfortunately never came since she died on the voyage to america . his family lived there and it was pssed down through generations . till now where his great great great granddaughter operates a private restaurant out of it .

the inside had such nice decor that we saved a ton of money by not having to decorated just a few flower arrangements

the florist also decorated our cake that we had made at the local market and made my amazing bouquet

we were blessed that the venue had packages that included a three course dinner as well as an open premium bar .

we also choose a venue that had a dressing hour so that myself and the bridal party could get dressed there , which was amazing considering that we got married in Jan . and trucking my dress through the snow would have been a nightmare . oh the dress !!! i almost forgot , i wanted a white dress so bad . but every dress i tried on i just got lost in being heavily tattooed and wearing a formal dress can be super hard to put off , so i bought the in house sample dress , and had it colored , the color i wanted this took a 3000 dollar dress and made it a 600 dollar dress !!! WIN


  1. You are so gorgeous, and made a BEAUTIFUL bride! I love all of the great details in your wedding. So pretty. <333

  2. How freaking fun was that day? Seriously the best!

  3. wow, the pictures are amazing!!!

    xoxo trine