Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Olivers 1st birthday party planning !!!

so oliver is going to be 1 year old in about 9 weeks , although this is exciting it is also depressing , and now stressful , because i have to plan the perfect party , for children of all ages hahaha . i think we are going to do an old fashion picnic / cookies and milk themed party . with a variety of cookie treats and flavored milk. but im torn....... alot of these parties on the event websites have HUGE budgets , i do not ..... any ideas ? husband doesnt want to go to "theme" ish


  1. i think you dont necessarily need a theme for the first birthday...but if you want to, you could choose something where you can make stuff on your own, so its alot cheaper, and then combine it with a certain colorscheme, e.g. blue with polka dots or something...just an idea...if you want to chat on this, you can mail me if you want to! xo
    (mrsmiawallace82 (at) web (dot) de

  2. i was def gonna do yellow he loves yellow and the place i work was gonna help with the cookies so cheap is the way to go forsure

  3. We had a hello kitty party for annabells's first, and I even baked for it, and it still cost like $800 between catering and stuff...I would say not to go's more for adults at that age anyway ;)
    I do love those idea pics!

  4. kelly i think that my work is gonna bake everything , and i can use their cookie jars which is great !!! the rest im gonna have to figure out