Saturday, June 19, 2010

take it back

ever do something that after months and months of dwelling on it , makes you feel ashamed ? this is a totally new thing for me , feeling guilty about other peoples feeling far after the fact . its not that im cold and callus , ...... well yeah it is that im cold and callus, but somethings changed . recently ive been finding myself apologizing to people for things i did months even years ago . "cleaning the slate" i dont know if motherhood has slowly made me a better person , or if im growing a conscious (can you do that at 28) but either way im feeling miserable . being so carful how i speak to people . i even cried the other day because someone hurt MY feelings . im sure that this sounds nuts to most people that would read this but im honestly having a hard time dealing with feeling guilty for my actions . and nervous about people accepting my apologies . ugh .

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