Tuesday, March 22, 2011

doing well !!

oliver is doing great , weve had so many new changes , his father is finally figuring out how to be a single father which is amazing , and oliver is showing alot of improvements , we have 3 words back , pizza , mom , and hi , hi started doing time out on his hands , still a counting machine . hes been very frustrated but seems to getting alittle bit more comfortable , april 8th is his speech evaluation . other news im starting the blessed herbs full body cleanse today , which should be interesting here is a link if anyone is interested .... i have alot of friends that have done it ater babies and said they feel loads better . im pumped . what else ummmm my boyfriend bought me an amazing piece of jewelry i will have to post pics of later ..... annnd thats probably it for now mini update ! xoxox kat


  1. this is the link http://blessedherbs.com/bh3/internal_overview my blog hates me

  2. Congrats! Omg sorry I am just now seeing this!