Thursday, July 29, 2010


dieting is making me supper cranky . i HATE working out , i want instant results , and i love cupcakes ....... needless to say this is very hard for me . ive been at kinda a stand still at the weight lose , not gaining not really losing , which is frustrating because i eat SOOOO healthy and work out constantly . maybe im getting buff ! i wish i had a workout buddy with better modivation then myself . in other news Oliver is gonna be a year old in 2 weeks , and its flooding me with all sorts of mixed emotions . im excited about him growing into his own person and telling me his thoughts on life and music , and cartoons hahah . but at the same time i love him needing me for everything , and wanting to snuggle with his old lame mom . i dont want that to change . and lets face it all kids go through a stage where their parents arent cool . =( makes me sad t think about . his bday plans are going really really well , im getting a giant sugar free cupcake made for him , since everyone insists that he be able to eat cake on his bday . and i got these fantastic animal parade carousel centerpieces as well as a cup cake carousel we also bought plates and napkins and other decorations from this same company they are called meri meri and are super fancy . ill take lots of pics . it should be really fun !


  1. His bday party sounds adorable! Don't worry, Oliver will always be a mamas boy. Love you!

  2. I wish I was there planning his party with you. Damn it all to hell.

  3. me too !!! natty if you get a ticket ill give you 50 bucks towards it !!