Friday, July 30, 2010

week three

i have a busy weekend so im posing pic on friday instead of sunday ...... doesnt seem to be to much difference this week , i think my bidy is changing for sure , but the scale number seems to be stuck at around 152 . which is still down 10 pounds from where i started 3 weeks ago . this weekend Oliver goes to grandmas so the big challenge is going to be not drinking while out and but with the girls . lots of empty calories . here are last weeks pics

and here are todays

im for sure not use to having hips which i think is making me feel even bigger. im trying to find a pre baby belly pic to post in one of these . anyway hope everyone has a great weekend


  1. Daaaamn! Chheeeooo! You look hottt! I see a difference, if I were a guy, I might have a boner.

  2. Looking gooood! I totally can tell a difference.