Sunday, July 18, 2010

belly blog !!!

ok im doing something i never thought i would do strictly because of vanity and always being a thinner girl .... which after child birth i am not this is a picture of my tummy 2 days before delivery i was over 200 lbs and my starting weight was 130 im about 5'5 ......
this next picture is 10 days post baby i let the hospital at 180 , checked in at 215 i had a massive amount of water weight since i was on part time bed rest because of 2 cracked ribs ! oliver was a huge baby and i am very short waisted
next is a pic i took about 2 months ago boobs are still huge from breast feeding and the weight is just not moving im probably 170 here
as some of you may know i started a diet pool last week 20 bucks to buy in winner takes all there are about 15 of us in it and im super modivated started at 162.6 last sunday and this sunday im 158.2!!! my goal is 4 pounds a week for 8 weeks 32 pounds total . having a baby has ton a lot of damage to my body , delivery itself had me in bed for almost 2 months because of massive abdominal tissue taring and of course my 26 stitches ugh ..... here is a picture from today ... getting smaller . cant wait to be back to normal

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